Eclipse is a common project by Ebru Ozsecen, Niels Thorwirth and Florian Altmann it is an art experiment that involves the reflection of captured motion and the static environment of the spectator. Technically it is a filter that is transforming real time video that is fed from a camera in time and color.

  Ebru Ozsecen artist
  Niels Thorwirth technical realization
  Florian Altmann design and setup



Eclipse has been exhibited at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) in Rotterdam between July and October 2002 within the exhibition Latent Spaces.

The site shows some images to give an impression on the outcome. However still images can not reflect the effect of motion and interaction.

Picture from preparation for the show and impression of the result

Pictures from the exhibit




Initial Experiments with different filters

Sample picture with hand 
and lively background

Sample pictures from a movie




Ebru Ozsecen
Niels Thorwirth
Florian Altmann